Cigarette cards

Cigarette cards

Cigarette cards

If you are new to collecting cigarette cards, it is worth considering what you want to collect, this can save time and expense at a later date.

For your understanding I have listed a few of the different types of collectors below.

What type of collector will you be?

General collector - Collects any thing and everything card wise.

Manufacturer - Collects one or more specific manufactures i.e. Wills, Players etc. 

Set collector - Only purchases/collects full sets.

Trade collector - Many only collect cards issued with non-tobacco products, known as trade cards, these can include Tea cards, Bubblegum cards etc, many of which are very sort after.

Type collector -  Normally collects between one or two cards from each set.

Thematic collector - Collects one or more themes, i.e. Cricket, Cars, Film, but this could include for example Chinese, American cards etc.

Condition collector - Most collectors look to get cards in the best possible condition, some will only collect cards which are in absolute top condition.

Most mix and match and many change their collecting habits as they learn about and grow with the hobby.



As with most things, condition is important, I find the better the condition cards are in, the easier they are to sell and the higher price they command, as opposed to the same cards in lesser condition, if you are considering cards as an investment, I believe it sound advise to purchase cards in better condition, condition is always a major factor when buying or selling cards.

Some are not as concerned about condition as others, this can be advantageous to the pocket, they can pick up the same card/cards cheaper than one in better condition, rule of thumb do not pay top money for lesser condition cards. 


As with most things this is an important factor, cards can range from a few pounds to Thousands of Pounds for individual cards and sets, it is very easy to get carried away, so caution is urged, especially when you first start.

Lastly, this is a great hobby, just about every subject matter under the sun is covered on cards, they are full of information and very educational, it is also in the main very affordable, there is no shortage of affordable cards so welcome to the hobby and happy collecting!!!!!